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Texting and driving is always hazardous

Distracted driving kills people regularly. There isn't ever a good reason for a driver to try to operate a vehicle if they can't give their full attention to what is going on. One huge distraction for many is texting while they drive. It doesn't matter if they are reading the message or sending one; the danger is the same.

A person who is texting has several systems that aren't ready for driving. They must look at the phone, so they aren't looking at the road. They have to think about what the text says and how to respond, so their mind isn't on the road. They need to hold the phone, so they have at least one hand off the wheel.

Tennessee bans cell phones while driving

For years now, Tennessee has had a distracted driving problem. Many motorists do not see the problem with texting or talking on the phone while operating a vehicle. It has led to numerous serious injuries over the years, but now, lawmakers have done something about it. As of July 1st of this year, drivers can no longer hold a cell phone while behind the wheel. 

Tennessee recently passed a "Hands-Free Law," which states that drivers cannot use a cell phone while driving. The law still allows motorists to use a hands-free device to make phone calls while operating a motor vehicle. Tennessee has one of the worst rates for distracted driving fatalities and injuries in the country, so the new law aims to lower those numbers and make the state's roads safer. 

Whiplash isn't a minor injury

The impact of a semitruck on a passenger vehicle can lead to some very serious injuries. People might poke fun at those who suffer from whiplash in an accident because it was once considered an almost-fake injury. Now, it is known that this is an actual medical condition that can lead to serious life impacts.

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury that can impact various structures in the area. It is caused when the head is flung around due to the force of the crash. One thing that makes this injury so unique is that it sometimes manifests at the scene of the crash, but it can also be delayed several days. This can make it difficult to diagnose and treat.

Addressing the sudden death of a loved one

The shock that you feel when you find out that a loved one passed away suddenly due to a tragic event like a car crash is hard to handle. The thing that might be even more difficult is coping with the feelings that come in the days and weeks after. Unfortunately, these feelings aren't going to just go away. Instead, you are going to have to address them so that you can move forward without worrying about your mental health.

Most people initially feel a sense of numbness when a loved one suddenly dies. This makes it seem like it might be sort of easy to deal with the loss. As that numbness goes away, however, you may start to realize that there is a deep grief that needs to be considered. Leaving these feelings unaddressed can lead to severe depression.

Despite safety features, automotive glass can be dangerous

Car windows are made of safety glass, but this doesn't mean that you won't face injuries from the glass if you are involved in a crash. The force of the crash may crack the glass, especially if the wreck was serious.

The windshield glass on vehicles is laminated to help prevent shattering. The side and rear windows are made of tempered glass, which is not as durable as laminated glass. This one difference changes how they might react in a crash.

The importance of choosing the right estate administrator

Estate planning is an important way that you can show your loved ones support after you pass away. While you might not want to think about this now, it is imperative that you take the time to do so. Your estate plan can provide them with a roadmap of what you want them to do when you aren't there to give them directions.

One of the decisions that you have to make is who you are going to put in charge of your estate. This is someone that you should trust implicitly. They need to be able to make tough decisions under pressure. You might want to name your next of kin as the administrator, but think about what this means. This person will have to handle legal matters while they are still dealing with emotions over your passing.

Some assets are subject to probate while others are not

You may not have known much if anything about probate before now. However, when a family member such as a grandparent passes away, the matter of probate hits close to home.

If you are among the beneficiaries, you are probably interested in knowing which of your grandparent’s assets are subject to probate and which are not.  

Make sure you don't do these in your estate plan

Your estate plan needs to pass on the wishes that you have for your assets and loved ones. It is imperative that you think carefully about what this means so that you can ensure that you have everything in order. There are a few things that you need to make sure that you don't do.

One type of asset that you can't include in an estate plan is anything that is held jointly. By law, these items will go to the person with whom you own the property. Putting these into the will is just a waste of energy, and it might cause confusion as your loved ones are trying to divide everything.

Trucker shortage can negatively impact road safety

Many issues can lead to tragic crashes the involve semitrucks, but many don't realize that the shortage of truckers might be one of the most pressing that this country is facing. A driver shortage is the top concern overall in the trucking industry. This is primarily due to the fact that companies still have an urgent need to haul loads, but they might not have the people available to get those loads from point A to point B.

Unfortunately, the lack of drivers might push trucking companies to push their truckers to the limits. They must still comply with regulations, such as the Hours of Service; however, the company might have the trucker drive for the full time allowed when the trucker actually started feeling fatigued around hour eight. This puts a fatigued trucker on the road for the remainder of their shift.

Drowsy driving crashes are fully preventable

Drowsy driving is a huge issue in this country. Some people tend to try to push their body and mind to do much more than what they should. The result is that they are putting themselves and others in danger with each mile they drive. Instead of trying to drive when you are fatigued, you need to stop and get some sleep.

Many claim that they can trick themselves into staying awake by opening the windows, blasting music or grabbing a cup of coffee. While these might give you a short burst of energy, they don't work for the long term.

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