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Will contests can't be made for no reason

When a loved one passes away, their estate has to be handled. One of the components of this that you have to think about is the will. There are many things that can be included in a will, so you must be prepared to deal with whatever it contains.

In some instances, your loved one might have been open about the will contents with you so that you know what to expect. But, have you thought about what will happen if the will isn't what you or someone else was told? This could lead to a will contest, which means that a person is calling the validity of the will into question.

Trucker errors can't be overlooked

Truckers have to be able to drive their rigs safely. When they don't, innocent individuals can suffer from grave injuries. One issue that no truck driver should succumb to is distracted driving. They need to give their full attention to operating the semitruck. Things like trying to text people, reading messages or surfing the internet should be saved for times when they aren't moving.

Unfortunately, some truckers become so comfortable with their job duties that they might make grievous errors when they drive. We can help people who are impacted by those trucker errors to seek compensation.

What is a testamentary trust, and do you need one?

When you work on your estate plan, you probably have at least some idea of who you plan to name as beneficiaries. In some cases, you may want to have more control over when your beneficiaries get to access their portion of your estate. One method many people in your shoes choose to utilize to accomplish this is to create what is known as a testamentary trust.

Essentially, a testamentary trust, or a will trust, is one you include in your last will and testament. It dictates that the assets placed inside will undergo distribution once you pass away. Because a testamentary trust does not take effect until you pass on, you have the option of making changes to it up until you die. Some people working on their estate plans prefer having this flexibility, as opposed to the inflexibility that comes with, say, irrevocable trusts.

Final arrangements might be difficult to make for your loved one

Losing a loved one in a tragic accident can cause your emotions to become raw. This makes it hard to make logical decisions about that person's final arrangements. There really aren't any easy answers when it comes to making these plans. The only way that they will be easier to deal with is if they had a funeral plan already laid out since you will just have to follow that plan. If they don't, there are some specific things you must think about.

One of the first things you will have to determine is where the funeral will take place. You will work with the funeral director there. They will guide you through what options you have, including determining whether the person will be buried or cremated.

Victims of wrecks shouldn't be left in financial shambles

Victims of motor vehicle crashes have many things to deal with after the wreck. The financial aspect of the incident is one of the more serious matters that they are going to have to handle because this overflows into every other area of life. We know that you are probably concerned about being able to make ends meet since the accident. We are here to help you seek financial relief through a civil lawsuit against the party who is liable for the accident.

It can be challenging to determine how much in compensation you should seek because you shouldn't just ask for the repayment of medical bills that you received. You also have to think about medical bills you will have in the future, earnings you didn't get to make because of the time you have to take off work, legal representation fees and other expenses that are related to the crash. Together, all of these can amount to a significant sum.

Advance safety systems could make semitrucks safer

Semitruck crashes are very serious matters that must be treated accordingly. There isn't a reason why there aren't more advanced safety systems in these rigs. It is estimated that somewhere around 28 percent of the 107,000 preventable crashes that occur each year involve semitrucks. These could be reduced if some of the most up-to-date crash prevention technology was used.

Some of the systems that would likely prove beneficial to big rigs include lane departure warnings, stability control and blind spot warnings. Even forward collision warnings and prevention, as well as automatic emergency braking, could help prevent truckers from slamming into other vehicles.

Easter accidents might bring claims for compensation

As the Easter weekend approaches, drivers are going to head out in droves to visit family members and friends. Some might be attending church. All of these drivers have to be careful so that they don't cause any accidents. Unfortunately, there will be some people who get into accidents over the holiday weekend.

The healing process can be quite long after a serious car crash. You might not fully realize the impacts that the accident has on your life. Not only is your Easter weekend ending in a painful way, your immediate future will change. You might find that you are unable to go back to work as planned. There is a chance that your kids won't be able to return to school right away if they were injured.

Balance self-care with your estate administrator duties

Handling your loved one's estate when they pass away is a big responsibility. You have to be prepared to make some difficult decisions and handle some tasks that might be challenging. All of these come at a time when you are trying to deal with the huge loss of your loved one. It is imperative that you understand what you need to do as the administrator of the estate so that you don't make mistakes that can be costly for the estate.

We know that you might need some assistance with the duties that you will have to handle. For some people, trying to find the heirs of the estate can be challenging. In other cases, it might be the assets that prove to be difficult. We can work with you to ensure that you are going through the correct steps.

4 things to do if you fall at a place of business

Whether you love to shop or simply visit the store for groceries once a week, you expect a safe experience. If you slip and fall at a place of business, though, you may face a long road to recovery. Even worse, you may not be able to work or provide for your family. 

In Tennessee, shop owners have a duty to provide reasonably safe conditions for their customers. If you slip and fall on a wet floor, you may need to seek compensation for your injuries from the property owner. What you do after the incident, though, may have a significant impact on your legal options. Here are four things to do if you fall at a commercial property or another public place: 

Working through the pain of personal loss takes time

Losing your loved one in a tragic accident brings up a lot of feelings. It is imperative that you take the time to work through your own emotions so that you are able to move forward with life. Unfortunately, this can be challenging because of the shock of the situation. In the initial days after your loss, there might be people coming out of the woodwork who are going to try to be helpful. Sometimes, you will have to deal with individuals who are being nosey and imposing. You have to make a plan for dealing with all of this because it can become overwhelming.

First, make sure that you take some time to yourself. People might say they don't want you to be alone, but you might find that you do need the silence and solitude to allow yourself to heal. This is perfectly acceptable, so don't think that you are being selfish saying that you need time.

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