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Seeking medical care after a semitruck crash

Being involved in a semitruck crash can really shake you up. Even if you suffered serious injuries, you might not realize it until the adrenaline rush abates. Because of this, it is a good idea to get a medical checkup right away if you've been struck by a big rig. That examination might clue you into potential issues that you need to be aware of in the upcoming days and weeks.

When you do speak to the doctor, make sure that you give them the specifics of the crash. This lets them know what injuries are possible so that they can check on those. In some cases, the information you relay will be included in your medical record, which might come in handy later.

3 common injury types in Tennessee

Injuries are difficult. They might stop you from working. They could disable you. They could result in large medical bills. They could lead to years of pain and suffering.

All of these are serious problems. It is even worse when the injury is someone else's fault. You would not pay for that person's other responsibilities, so why should you pay for the costs of your medical bills? You might deserve compensation for your losses: That is the idea behind the personal injury laws in Eastern Tennessee. Here are three common situations in which you may be able to secure a court award or a settlement.

Fatigue isn't a normal part of trucking

Fatigue isn't good for any driver, but it is especially dangerous for those who are operating a semitruck. It isn't always easy to know when fatigue is a factor but looking at the circumstances surrounding the accident and the events leading up to it might help to highlight what was wrong.

When you think about the size and weight of semitrucks and the speed at which they travel, you can understand that it is a huge hazard when the trucker isn't as alert as possible. There are several things that might lead to the person being fatigued.

Interstate car wrecks can produce very serious injuries

The force of a car wreck that occurs at interstate speeds can lead to catastrophic injuries. These are ones that aren't easy to heal from. In fact, some victims might not ever regain their full abilities after this type of crash. Some might even pass away due to their injuries.

When you think about the severity of these injuries, it is easy to see why many people choose to seek compensation for the financial damages they have to deal with. We can help you get things together to file your claim for compensation if you decide to do this.

Tips all drivers can learn from semitruck drivers

Throughout the winter months, everyone has to be sure they are driving safely. While some people might be able to just stay home when the weather isn't the best, semitruck drivers will usually have to drive through any conditions. Knowing some of the things they do to remain out of harm's way as much as possible can help others to do the same.

There are two main hazards that truckers worry about during inclement weather. One of the these is how fast they are going, and the other is how much distance is between their rig and other vehicles. If a trucker can control those two factors, they have a better chance of avoiding dangerous conditions.

Important duties of the estate administrator

The estate administration process is one that comes in a difficult time in your life. More than likely, a loved one has recently passed away when you are going through this process. This can make it even more complex due to the emotional trauma that you might be facing right now.

We know that you might have some questions about what you are supposed to do. For many people, this process is very simple. They file the will and they find heirs and assets to distribute what is covered in the probate matter. There might not be much else they have to do besides file the final tax return for the estate.

Teens and seniors: Who is responsible for more car crashes?

You have likely heard people complain about both teen drivers and senior citizens. For example, one person brings up the teens' lack of experience and all the risks they take, while another brings up senior citizens' decreasing physical and mental abilities and the mistakes they make.

You know that both of these arguments have some truth to them, but it makes you wonder: Which group are the more dangerous drivers? Is it the teens who just got their licenses or the senior citizens who may still be driving when it is no longer safe to do so?

3 ways to reduce estate tax

Chances are, you worked hard for most of your life so that you could leave a lasting legacy behind for the people you love, but estate taxes can eat up a good portion of the amount you hope to leave behind. There are, however, certain things you can do now to reduce your estate tax burden and improve the chances that your hard-earned money goes to the people and causes you care most about.

Just what types of steps might you consider taking to reduce the amount of taxes assessed against your estate?

Hold the negligent driver responsible for your loved one's death

When you first learn that your loved one died in a tragic accident, you are going to feel a range of emotions. Because each person is different, your coping process won't be exactly the same as anyone else's. You have to be prepared to deal with the unique journey that you are being thrust on, which might not be too easy.

During the first month after your loss, you might feel shock and stress. These can manifest in a variety of ways, including headaches, diarrhea, exhaustion and jumpiness. You might feel disbelief that your loved one is actually gone. In some cases, people who are dealing with this feel intense sadness.

You have 1 year to file a compensation claim in Tennessee

The symptoms that people face after a car wreck might not appear right away. There is a chance that some injuries won't show up for days or even weeks after the incident. This is often associated with whiplash and brain injuries like concussions. This can be problematic because you might not realize what is going on.

We know that you might be concerned about what options you have when the injuries don't show up right away. The good news is that the statute of limitations in Tennessee is one year. This means that you have a full year from the date of the accident to get your claim filed in court. We can help you do this, but we need to get started as soon as you find out that you suffered an injury.

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