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Why you are never too young to have a will

Wills are vital upon a person's death. While a person may not want to think about it, it is paramount to plan ahead. Unfortunately, a report from Fox Business shows that over half of adults in the United States lack a will. 

Many people wait until they are much older to write a will, and most people do not even think about it until they have retired. However, a will is vital well before that, especially if you are married or have children. Honestly, people as young as 18 would benefit from having a will in place. 

Best ways to personally prevent texting and driving

In today's day and age, many people find it next to impossible to stay off their phone for an extended period of time. This even holds true when they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Unfortunately, when you text and drive, you increase the chances of causing an accident. Remember, you only have to be distracted for a split second to cause a crash.

There are many aspects of a complete estate plan

Many people think that estate planning is all about knowing where their assets will end up when they pass on. While it's important to have a will or trust that outlines your wishes, let's focus on the various other types of estate planning.

Here are some of the other documents you may need to create:

  • Living will. What will happen if you are unable to make your own important life decisions? Without a living will, you never know if your wishes will be carried out.
  • Power of attorney. This gives a family member or friend the ability to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf. You hope you're always in position to make your own choices, but you don't know what the future could bring.
  • Testamentary trust. You can include this in with your will if you need to protect some assets that you will be leaving to a child under the age of 18.

What are the top signs of drowsy driving?

As a driver, you know that there are times when you become too tired to press on. When this happens, it's imperative that you find a safe place to pull over and rest.

Some truckers don't take the same approach. Instead, they are in such a hurry to reach their destination that they neglect to rest as required by the law.

What are the duties of an executor?

If you learn you are the executor of a loved one's will, knowing some basics of what that involves can help you handle this task effectively. Individual situations may vary in complexity, so getting guidance from a qualified attorney is always a good idea.

When a testator makes a will, he or she also appoints an executor to handle the technical and other issues necessary to carry out the will's provisions.

Here is why you never want to drive when fatigued

When you take to the road, it's important that your mind is completely focused at all times.

If you are fatigued for any reason, such as a lack of sleep the night before, you need to be careful about what you are doing. It may be best for you to pull over and get some rest before moving down the road any further.

Do you follow these pedestrian safety tips?

When it comes to pedestrian safety, you can never be too careful. If you aren't watching your surroundings at all times, it's possible that you could be involved in an accident when you least expect it.

Just as there are steps drivers can take to avoid an accident, the same holds true for pedestrians. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Remain visible at all times. For example, if you are walking at night, wear reflective clothing to ensure that drivers can see you.
  • Avoid distractions. Don't listen to loud music or text when walking. Doing so will take your attention away from what's going on around you.
  • Follow the rules of the road. For example, you should always attempt to cross at a crosswalk. Also, stay on the sidewalk when possible.
  • Don't drink alcohol. It may not be illegal to drink alcohol and then walk, but it will definitely improve the chances of an accident.

Three tips for school year child custody arrangements

With your kids going back to school, Labor Day weekend coming up and the weather getting cooler, summer is almost over. While you are anxious to get yourself and the kids back into the routine of the school year, you may have child custody issues weighing on your mind.

Do not let the stress distract you from what should be a wholesome autumn. Here are some tips to keep in mind as the season approaches.

Do you know what happens in probate?

Probate is the legal process of transferring property upon a person's death. Although laws vary from one state to the next, nothing changes the fact that this can be a complex and confusing process at times.

Probate can be uncontested or contested. In the event of contested probate, it typically means that a person feels he or she should have received a larger share of the estate.

Hit-and-run accident leaves 1 injured and 1 dead in Tennessee

A Tennessee man is behind bars after hitting two pedestrians with his truck, killing one.

The truck driver was a Tennessee native -- while the victims were co-workers from India, temporarily visiting Nashville at the behest of their employer for training.

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