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March 2017 Archives

5 ways to better share the road with motorcycles

Any type of accident can be traumatic and frustrating, but an accident between a larger vehicle and a motorcycle can often be deadly. It is the responsibility of all drivers on the road to drive safely and defensively to protect from accidents. When you regularly share the road with motorcycles, there are ways you can be aware of them and drive safely with them.

Is there an inheritance tax in Tennessee?

You're thinking of passing on your estate to your children, but you really don't want the government to tax your assets when they're just changing hands. Is there an inheritance tax that has to be paid in Tennessee? Does the government get to take a cut of your money before your heirs get it?

How a trust gives you better control over your assets

Estate planning is a complex task for anyone, but when you have investments and other assets that are large enough to fall under the estate tax statute, it can be even more challenging. With Tennessee adopting statutory taxation levels well below those in place at the federal level, many more people in this state are affected by the tax, and learning how to protect your family and your assets is a vital part of the planning process.

Our Commitment To Our Clients

Walden, Blair & Associates is committed to serving needs of the Athens - McMinn county area, including the neighboring counties of Monroe, Meigs, Bradley and Polk.

We strive to be as accessible, flexible, and available as our time and resources will allow.

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