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August 2018 Archives

Dangerous conditions exist when truckers aren't driving safely

For the most part, truckers do what they can to remain safe while they are on the road. After all, their livelihood depends on it. There are semitruck drivers who might not always follow proper safety procedures. Serious accidents can result when a trucker isn't driving safely.

Big rig crash impacts can devastate the victims

Semi-truck drivers must be careful not to do things that are going to harm other drivers on the road. These large trucks are difficult to handle, but these professionals are trained to get the job done. Unfortunately, not all truckers follow proper safety procedures all the time. There are instances in which they drive in an unsafe manner. We understand how devastating a crash with a semitruck can be.

Challenging a will is sometimes necessary, but can be difficult

Some individuals opt to create an estate plan before they pass away. There are times when the people who are left behind might have reason to think that the will has something wrong with it. When this is the case, the person might challenge the will. Very specific criteria must be present for this to happen.

Delayed pain after a car accident

Imagine you were involved in a serious auto collision. Your vehicle rolled and flipped five times before it came to a rest in the middle of the interstate median. However, like something out of a Hollywood movie, you miraculously crawled out of the window and walked away from the crash. When police arrived, they couldn't believe it was you who was riding in the car.

A fatal car wreck leaves behind devastated family members

Fatal motor vehicle crashes torment the family members of the victims. There isn't an easy way to deal with the emotional impacts of these tragic deaths. Oftentimes, it can take a lot of time and possibly therapy to begin to feel normal again. We realize that you might be trying to just make it through one day at a time as you deal with the tragedy.

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