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September 2018 Archives

Distracted drivers can be dangerous even at slow speeds

Distracted drivers pose a risk for everyone on the roads. One troublesome event happens when these drivers are in a traffic jam on the highway or interstate and don't pay attention to what is going on. When they are stopped, there isn't really a danger. When traffic is moving slowly, they may end up causing a crash if they aren't watching the cars around them.

Questions exist regarding liability and autonomous semitrucks

The trucking industry is slowly moving toward having autonomous fleets, at least in part. There are many concerns, including the loss of human trucking jobs. this is certainly probable if autonomous vehicles are increasingly used, but this is far from the only concern.

Are there more injuries involving semi-trucks in Tennessee?

There are accidents on the roads every day in Tennessee, and many of these involve semi trucks. There are many reasons why 18-wheelers are so often in wrecks, including driver drowsiness, unsafe driving and poor road conditions. Such accidents may seem particularly common in Tennessee, though, and it can lead you to wonder whether there are more injuries involving semi trucks in the state.

A decedent's debts are paid by the estate, not family members

When a person passes away, there is a good chance that they have outstanding bills. It is up to the person who is handling the person's estate to determine if there are any that need to be paid. One thing for people who lose a loved one need to remember is that they aren't responsible for paying those bills except for very specific instances.

Wrongful death claims can only come in specific cases

The loss of a loved one in a crash is devastating. When you find out that the cause of death was due to the injuries suffered in a car crash, you might decide that you are going to act. One of the options that you have is to seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. Here are some important points you need to remember about these claims.

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