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July 2019 Archives

Drowsy driving crashes are fully preventable

Drowsy driving is a huge issue in this country. Some people tend to try to push their body and mind to do much more than what they should. The result is that they are putting themselves and others in danger with each mile they drive. Instead of trying to drive when you are fatigued, you need to stop and get some sleep.

Getting help when a catastrophe happens on the water

Being on a boat is a fun way to spend time enjoying nature. While you certainly hope that everything will go smoothly, there are times when they might not. It is imperative that you know how to call for help if there is something amiss with the vessel. You might also need this if there is a serious injury on the boat.

Fatigued truckers can be deadly truckers

Truckers have a dangerous job, partly because they have to do long hauls that can keep them on the road for hours. Because of the nature of the job and the possibility of becoming fatigued, these professional drivers are bound by limits to the number of hours they can drive. In between driving shifts, the trucker must have at least 10 hours off work. But is that truly enough time? Truckers have to take care of hygiene needs, eat and possibly communicate with family members during that short period, so they might get less sleep than what is safe.

Will contests: The situation must meet strict requirements

A will is the creator's instructions for what is going to happen to their assets when they pass away. This isn't something that is easy for them to consider; however, they do it to lessen the stress on their loved ones after they die. Unfortunately, these wills aren't always what those left behind expect. In some cases, a person will file a challenge to the will, which is also known as a will contest. This one decision can mean that the estate takes much longer to close out and that the process will be much lengthier.

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