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October 2019 Archives

Logging trucks can cause catastrophic crashes

Logging trucks are a vital part of commerce in this country, but the drivers must ensure that they take steps to ensure safety as they drive. Following critical regulations is one of the only ways that these individuals can boost safety. This starts with the company that employs the truckers.

You can drive safely at night

Night driving is more dangerous than daytime driving. You have reduced visibility, driver fatigue, a higher number of drunk drivers and many other factors that play into the equation. There are some people who avoid driving at night at all costs, essentially refusing to go out after dark.

Ensure you handle estate administrator duties properly

The estate administration is challenging for some people because of all the guidelines they must comply with. If you're named as the administrator over an estate, you should learn about what you must do and what you shouldn't do. Making mistakes could mean that settling the estate takes longer, and it could mean the heirs don't get the full inheritance they are due.

5 reasons teen drivers may ignore stop signs

If you drive regularly, you likely encounter a seemingly endless number of stop signs. While these signs usually keep drivers, pedestrians and others safe, motorists do not always respect them. In fact, AAA estimates that more than 40% of car accidents in the United States occur at intersections with stop signs. 

Know the signs of drunk drivers, and stay away from the vehicles

As the weather gets cooler and the winter holiday season approaches, all drivers should brush up on the signs of drunk drivers, so they can try to avoid them. These drivers put everyone around them at risk of being in an accident that causes catastrophic injuries or even death.

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