Car accidents and snow removal

Are you a resident of Tennessee? If so, you know that snow can move into your area during the cold winter months. While this can be beautiful in many ways, it can also cause quite a few problems when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle. Snow or ice on the roadway can lead to […]

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Steps to take after a dog bite incident

No matter what breed, size or personality of the dog, there is always a chance that it will attack and bite. Dogs often bite because they feel threatened or pinned down, and some are trained or bred to attack when they feel their owners are in danger. Others may attack and bite for no known […]

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Tennessee probate and estate tax: important points

When it comes to the probate process and estate taxes in the state of Tennessee, there are many points of consideration that you can’t afford to overlook. As somebody going through the estate administration process, such as after a loved one has passed, it’s imperative to know what’s expected of you. When you have an […]

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Do you know how to share the road with big trucks?

As one of our Tennessee readers, you are well aware that sharing the road with large trucks is something you must do on a regular basis. This holds true primarily on the highway, but you may find yourself in this position on city roads as well. Since these vehicles are so big, it can be […]

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Arrest made after worker is struck while changing a tire

A worker for the Tennessee Department of Transportation was changing a tire out on Interstate 40. Another driver had gotten stranded with a flat, and the TDOT worker had come to help. While he was switching out the old tire for the new, he was hit by a passing car. He did survive, but he’s […]

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