Protect your legal rights after an accident

You don’t go through your day worried that you will be injured in an accident. However, you probably know that this could happen at some point. Some of the more common types of accidents include: Motor vehicle accidents Motorcycle accidents Truck accidents Commercial vehicle accidents Medical malpractice Nursing home negligence Slip and fall accidents All […]

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5 ways to better share the road with motorcycles

Any type of accident can be traumatic and frustrating, but an accident between a larger vehicle and a motorcycle can often be deadly. It is the responsibility of all drivers on the road to drive safely and defensively to protect from accidents. When you regularly share the road with motorcycles, there are ways you can […]

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Is there an inheritance tax in Tennessee?

You’re thinking of passing on your estate to your children, but you really don’t want the government to tax your assets when they’re just changing hands. Is there an inheritance tax that has to be paid in Tennessee? Does the government get to take a cut of your money before your heirs get it? There […]

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A recreational boat accident can cause serious injury, death

As the winter season comes to an end, it will only be a matter of time before people throughout the state of Tennessee take to the water. After all, there is nothing more enjoyable than boating. Unfortunately, there are times when people are injured and even killed in a recreational boat accident. This is why […]

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Is it possible to challenge a will?

It’s a common myth that anyone and everyone can challenge a will. For example, you can’t challenge the will of a distance relative just because you believe you should have received some or all of this person’s estate. Regardless of who you are or the relationship with the deceased, you can’t contest a will because […]

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Woman sentenced to prison for fatal DUI accident

Recently, a 31-year-old Springfield woman who pleaded guilty after a vehicle accident that killed a high school student was sentenced to 16 years in prison. The accident occurred in May 2015 when the woman’s car crashed head-on with that of a 17-year-old high school boy. At the time of the accident, the woman’s 2-year-old child […]

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