What actions should you take after a car accident?

Although you do your best to avoid trouble on the road, you never know if you could be part of a car accident in the future. If this happens, it’s a must to know which steps to take. The first thing you should do, no matter what else is going on, is check yourself for […]

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Driver negligence and bicycle accidents

It can be a lot of fun to ride your bicycle, especially if you have enough time in your schedule to do it regularly. Regardless of where you are headed or how much experience you have, there’s something you need to remember: driver negligence is a serious concern. Even when you are doing everything you […]

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Why you are never too young to have a will

Wills are vital upon a person’s death. While a person may not want to think about it, it is paramount to plan ahead. Unfortunately, a report from Fox Business shows that over half of adults in the United States lack a will.  Many people wait until they are much older to write a will, and most […]

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Best ways to personally prevent texting and driving

In today’s day and age, many people find it next to impossible to stay off their phone for an extended period of time. This even holds true when they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, when you text and drive, you increase the chances of causing an accident. Remember, you only have […]

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