Why parents of the disabled should consider special needs trusts

If you are the parent of a child with Down syndrome, autism or another type of disability, you face unique estate planning considerations and needs that differ from those faced by other parents. The lifetime expenses associated with raising a special needs child can prove considerable, and chances are, you want to ensure that your […]

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The biggest insurance claim mistakes you need to avoid

Being part of a motor vehicle accident is sure to leave your head spinning. Even if you don’t suffer any serious injuries, you’ll still find yourself dealing with the aftermath of the crash, which typically means communicating with one or more insurance companies. Unfortunately, many people in this position make an insurance claim mistake that […]

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Are you worried about being part of a truck accident?

As a driver, you would be much better off if you were the only person on the road. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Even if you are driving at off-peak hours, you know that sharing the road is of utmost importance. If you have any concerns about being part of a truck accident, […]

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Important (yet overlooked) winter driving safety tips

When winter weather moves into your region, the last place you want to be is behind the wheel of your car. Unfortunately, you can expect this to happen every now and again. As long as you know how to drive safely in winter weather, you can feel better about reaching your destination without incident. There […]

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