Claims after crashes must be handled logically

Many things happen in the days and weeks after a car crash. For innocent victims, having to navigate through medical appointments and insurance claims can be very stressful. This is especially true if you aren’t feeling your best. We understand how hard this is and are here to help you work through the legal aspects […]

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Emotional distress after a crash might occur

The effects that you might have to deal with after a car crash can range from irritations up to life-altering issues. You have to consider the totality of the impacts when you are trying to determine the damages you will seek as part of a personal injury claim. This isn’t always easy to figure out […]

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Why slip-and-fall accidents are nothing to laugh at

If you are an old movie buff or enjoy watching reruns of old black-and-white TV comedies, you know how people used to laugh at slapstick comedy wherein a woebegone “hero” took numerous pratfalls to the glee of bystanders. Some people still enjoy this type of humor, but if you are the victim of a Tennessee […]

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