Don’t make this big mistake after a car wreck

Many things will go through your mind when you are in a car wreck. The stress of the situation might make it hard to think clearly. Still, you need to be sure that you are handling things appropriately so that you don’t accidentally ruin your chance to seek compensation after the crash. There is one […]

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Where should you turn for compensation after a semi-truck wreck?

Most victims won’t ever forget the shock of being struck by a semi-truck. It can be difficult to think about what happened. A wreck of this magnitude is likely going to mean that you need to seek medical care for the injuries you suffer. Unfortunately, most people aren’t prepared to handle the financial impact of […]

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Motorists must be vigilant about watching for bicyclists

In July of 2017, a man struck a bicyclist and ran from the scene. This happened on the Natchez Trace Parkway in an area where bicyclists can ride in vehicle lanes. The man admitted to the hit-and-run crash. He pleaded guilty to three charges and was free until his upcoming sentencing hearing in August. That […]

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How a divorce can affect your estate plan

If you are starting the divorce process or have finalized it, it is time to revisit your estate plan. Of course, doing so is good practice at least every few years or after any major life change such as a divorce, marriage or birth of a child or even grandchild. However, divorce can be an […]

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Wrongful death cases must meet certain criteria

The loss of a loved one comes with a lot of responsibilities for the next of kin. In these cases, making the final arrangements is the top priority. Once that is done and things start to settle down, the decision to explore legal compensation might be made. This can be done through a wrongful death […]

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