Tips all drivers can learn from semitruck drivers

Throughout the winter months, everyone has to be sure they are driving safely. While some people might be able to just stay home when the weather isn’t the best, semitruck drivers will usually have to drive through any conditions. Knowing some of the things they do to remain out of harm’s way as much as […]

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Important duties of the estate administrator

The estate administration process is one that comes in a difficult time in your life. More than likely, a loved one has recently passed away when you are going through this process. This can make it even more complex due to the emotional trauma that you might be facing right now. We know that you […]

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Teens and seniors: Who is responsible for more car crashes?

You have likely heard people complain about both teen drivers and senior citizens. For example, one person brings up the teens’ lack of experience and all the risks they take, while another brings up senior citizens’ decreasing physical and mental abilities and the mistakes they make. You know that both of these arguments have some […]

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3 ways to reduce estate tax

Chances are, you worked hard for most of your life so that you could leave a lasting legacy behind for the people you love, but estate taxes can eat up a good portion of the amount you hope to leave behind. There are, however, certain things you can do now to reduce your estate tax […]

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You have 1 year to file a compensation claim in Tennessee

The symptoms that people face after a car wreck might not appear right away. There is a chance that some injuries won’t show up for days or even weeks after the incident. This is often associated with whiplash and brain injuries like concussions. This can be problematic because you might not realize what is going […]

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