Advance safety systems could make semitrucks safer

Semitruck crashes are very serious matters that must be treated accordingly. There isn’t a reason why there aren’t more advanced safety systems in these rigs. It is estimated that somewhere around 28 percent of the 107,000 preventable crashes that occur each year involve semitrucks. These could be reduced if some of the most up-to-date crash […]

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Easter accidents might bring claims for compensation

As the Easter weekend approaches, drivers are going to head out in droves to visit family members and friends. Some might be attending church. All of these drivers have to be careful so that they don’t cause any accidents. Unfortunately, there will be some people who get into accidents over the holiday weekend. The healing […]

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4 things to do if you fall at a place of business

Whether you love to shop or simply visit the store for groceries once a week, you expect a safe experience. If you slip and fall at a place of business, though, you may face a long road to recovery. Even worse, you may not be able to work or provide for your family.  In Tennessee, […]

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Working through the pain of personal loss takes time

Losing your loved one in a tragic accident brings up a lot of feelings. It is imperative that you take the time to work through your own emotions so that you are able to move forward with life. Unfortunately, this can be challenging because of the shock of the situation. In the initial days after […]

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