3 common injury types in Tennessee

Injuries are difficult. They might stop you from working. They could disable you. They could result in large medical bills. They could lead to years of pain and suffering.

All of these are serious problems. It is even worse when the injury is someone else’s fault. You would not pay for that person’s other responsibilities, so why should you pay for the costs of your medical bills? You might deserve compensation for your losses: That is the idea behind the personal injury laws in Eastern Tennessee. Here are three common situations in which you may be able to secure a court award or a settlement.

1. A slip or a fall

When you go to a shop, a bar or an event venue, you expect a certain level of safety. The same is true if you are passing through another person’s property legally. You do not expect to encounter hazards such as debris, poorly maintained walking areas or other basic dangers. You could potentially regain some of your costs if it turns out that a property owner or another responsible party did not do their duty of maintaining the property.

2. A car accident

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents are some of the most serious and most common in Tennessee. You would expect other drivers to know this and to operate their cars safely. If someone else hit you or was responsible in some other way for a car crash injury you sustained, they may also be responsible for paying for your bills, lost income or personal distress.

3. A nursing home accident

Nursing homes have strict regulations. After all, your loved ones should be kept safe. If there was an injury, you may have the right to claim damages against the elder care center in certain situations.

There is any number of common scenarios which could end in you sustaining an injury. That is why Tennessee has laws that assign responsibility to negligent drivers, property owners or businesses. You may not have to pay for your injuries — think about who is truly to blame.

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