3 reasons to keep a divorce off social media

Tennessee has a fairly high divorce rate. In 2016, there were over 25,000 divorces in the state, according to the Tennessee Department of Health

There are numerous dos and don’ts for going through a divorce, but a definite “Do” is to avoid social media at all costs. Many people want to vent their feelings on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but it is best to keep those feelings private and confide in a close friend or family member instead. Posting the wrong thing during a divorce can actually result in tangible harm. 

1. Pictures serve as evidence

The things you post on social media are fair game in a court room. A former spouse can bring pictures of you partying and drinking as evidence you are unfit for child custody. Pictures also serve as evidence in terms of assets. In the court room, a person may claim a certain income, but photographs of extravagant purchases may indicate the contrary. It is preferable to simply keep these details out of sight. 

2. Posts and comments negatively affect the family

It may seem tempting to trash talk a former spouse on Facebook. However, during the marriage, you may have become Facebook friends with the partner’s friends, family and coworkers. There may be certain things you would want to keep private from your loved ones, so it is best to give your former spouse the same courtesy. 

3. Keep attorney-client communications private

In the event you decide to keep your social media accounts active during the divorce, you would certainly want to avoid posting anything your lawyer tells you. You may become privy to certain pieces of information you cannot share with others. Anyone who shares this confidential information may end up waiving that attorney-client privilege. When in doubt, it is best to say nothing at all than something potentially detrimental.

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