4 types of alimony in Tennessee

Figuring out child support, child custody arrangements and dividing property seems like a never-ending headache. The divorce process takes time, money and patience. 

Paying your spouse alimony brings up another cause for redoing your budget. You know what alimony means for you, but do you have a choice in how much you will have to pay? 


As part of the divorce decree, you may have to pay alimony to support your ex-spouse. Tennessee law defines four types of alimony. 

  1. Alimony in Solido. This is money paid in a lump sum or installments until paid in full. The payments do not end when an ex-spouse dies or the supported spouse remarries. 
  2. Alimony in Futuro. This is a long-term alimony. It ends if the supported spouse dies or remarries, or if the paying spouse dies.
  3. Rehabilitative alimony. The dependent spouse receives this type of maintenance until the court believes he or she can be self-supported.
  4. Transitional alimony. The court decides the amount of time the alimony lasts for the supported spouse to adjust to the new financial arrangements due to the divorce settlement.

Alimony determination 

The amount and duration of maintenance depends on the length of the marriage. Tennessee courts also consider several other issues when determining alimony: 

  • Spouse’s separate property 
  • Minor child or children 
  • Standard of living 
  • Division of property after the divorce 
  • Age, mental and physical condition of the spouse 

Alimony calculation 

Tennessee does not have a formula or calculator to determine the amount of alimony. The law considers different factors, such as those listed above. 

You may be able to decide payment arrangements during negotiations or mediation. If not, you may go to trial and the judge will decide the amount. Once you finalize the divorce, if you do not agree with the amount you have to pay or the length of time required, you may be able to change the arrangements. However, this all depends on the type of alimony you agreed to. 

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