5 reasons teen drivers may ignore stop signs

If you drive regularly, you likely encounter a seemingly endless number of stop signs. While these signs usually keep drivers, pedestrians and others safe, motorists do not always respect them. In fact, AAA estimates that more than 40% of car accidents in the United States occur at intersections with stop signs. 

Anyone can choose to ignore a stop sign. Nevertheless, as an everyday motorist, you must recognize that young drivers may create dangerous conditions. Alternatively, if you are a parent, you must understand why teenagers tend to disregard stop signs. Here are five common reasons: 

1. Distracted driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3,100 individuals in the United States died in traffic accidents involving distracted drivers in 2017 alone. Still, teen drivers do not always recognize the danger that accompanies distracted driving. If a young motorist fails to concentrate on the road, he or she may miss a stop sign and cause a collision.

2. Perceiving a lack of traffic

Sometimes, with young drivers, familiarity encourages recklessness. That is, if a teenager regularly drives the same stretches of road, he or she may think there is not enough traffic to warrant complying with stop signs.

3. Rushing

Whether trying to make it home before curfew or running late for school, teens may drive too quickly. While obeying posted speed limits is a good way to avoid an automobile collision, stopping completely at stop signs is essential. Put simply, when teenage drivers rush, accidents happen.

4. Rolling through signs

Regardless of the driver’s age, it is always a good idea to fully brake at every stop sign. Unfortunately, though, young drivers regularly roll through stop signs after decreasing their speed. This behavior, of course, limits the time a young driver has to survey his or her surroundings.

5. Dares

Finally, young drivers may take more risks than their older counterparts. When driving, a teenage motorist may accept a dare from a friend to blow through a stop sign. Doing so, however, may have disastrous consequences. 

If you sustain a serious injury due to the actions of a young driver, you must act quickly both to recover completely and to receive fair compensation for your damages.

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