5 ways to better share the road with motorcycles

Any type of accident can be traumatic and frustrating, but an accident between a larger vehicle and a motorcycle can often be deadly. It is the responsibility of all drivers on the road to drive safely and defensively to protect from accidents. When you regularly share the road with motorcycles, there are ways you can be aware of them and drive safely with them.

1. Check your blind spots regularly

One of the most common causes of accidents between motorcycles and cars is failure to check the blind spot. Because motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles on the road, they quickly blend in with the scenery and are harder to see. Give it a couple extra seconds and check your blind spot to make sure there is no rider in your way.

2. Use cautious passing techniques

Never pass a motorcyclist unless road and weather conditions are ideal, no matter how slow he or she is going. Once you have passed the motorcycle, do not turn right immediately. The rider is probably moving faster than you think and may have a hard time moving around you if you pass and then immediately slow down to turn.

3. Practice communication skills

Although you cannot have a conversation with the motorcyclist next to you, you can use hand signals and eye contact to communicate your intent before you act. Use turn signals, look closely at the motorcyclist and always check mirrors to ensure that other drivers are communicating with you.

4. Be aware of the weather

There are obvious weather conditions that make it more difficult to drive, and this is especially true for motorcyclists. Winter weather and rain make it next to impossible for a motorcycle to stay on the road. If you drive a larger vehicle, you should also remember that when visibility decreases, it is harder to see motorcycles on the road, so use extra caution.

5. Approach intersections with extra caution

Intersections are common places for accidents to occur between motorcycles and automobiles. Every time you approach an intersection, follow safety protocol. Come to a complete stop if necessary, pay close attention to signals and traffic, and look both ways before crossing even if you have the right of way. Always proceed slowly through intersections to protect your vehicle and other drivers.

Accidents can cause serious injury that lasts a lifetime, and at times, even the death of an involved party. If the accident is the result of another’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. We suggest consulting an attorney immediately if you have been injured in an accident .

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