Administering an estate can be complex

The weeks and months after the death of a loved one are filled with emotions. When your loved one died with an estate plan in place, you might be able to rest a little easier because you won’t have to try to figure out how to divvy up the estate. Instead, you will have a plan to follow.

We know that the thought of having to deal with an estate right after your loved one’s death might not be easy. If you are the administrator over the estate, you will need to get the process started quickly. We can help you get this done so that you can try to get everything handled and the estate closed.

We recently discussed the duty of paying the estate’s bills. This is only one of the duties that you will face. You will also need to find heirs and assets. You will need to pay taxes and might have other duties. Once this is done and the bills are paid, you will be able to move forward with the distribution of the assets to the intended parties.

There are times when you might have to deal with a person contesting the will. This is a hard situation because it pits family members against each other. How you handle this situation might have an impact on the family dynamics once the case is over. In some instances, trying to work out an amicable solution might be the best option that you have. Of course, this isn’t always possible. We are here to help you address these situations.

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