Advance safety systems could make semitrucks safer

Semitruck crashes are very serious matters that must be treated accordingly. There isn’t a reason why there aren’t more advanced safety systems in these rigs. It is estimated that somewhere around 28 percent of the 107,000 preventable crashes that occur each year involve semitrucks. These could be reduced if some of the most up-to-date crash prevention technology was used.

Some of the systems that would likely prove beneficial to big rigs include lane departure warnings, stability control and blind spot warnings. Even forward collision warnings and prevention, as well as automatic emergency braking, could help prevent truckers from slamming into other vehicles.

Trucking organizations are wary of these technologies. For the most part, it comes down to money. They don’t want to have to spend the money to put the systems into the trucks. But the cost is minimal when you factor in the human lives that could be saved by the implementation of these systems throughout the entire trucking industry.

It is important to note that not all accidents that involve semitrucks are the fault of the trucker. In fact, a good part of these crashes is actually the fault of another driver who didn’t follow traffic laws. For example, a driver who crosses the centerline might hit a big rig head on, and a driver who cuts in front of a semi might cause the trucker to ram into the back of them or hit another vehicle while trying to avoid that car.

As long as there are semitruck wrecks, there will be victims who have to deal with massive life changes at the drop of a hat. These victims may opt to seek compensation for the damages they suffer in the crash.

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