Are there more injuries involving semi-trucks in Tennessee?

There are accidents on the roads every day in Tennessee, and many of these involve semi trucks. There are many reasons why 18-wheelers are so often in wrecks, including driver drowsiness, unsafe driving and poor road conditions. Such accidents may seem particularly common in Tennessee, though, and it can lead you to wonder whether there are more injuries involving semi trucks in the state.

According to GTG Technology Group, Tennessee is the top state for trucking. This means there are plenty of jobs in the industry and a wealth of resources for truckers. It does not necessarily mean there are more accidents and injuries caused by semi trucks, but you should still be aware of the following factors that can cause such incidents.

Fatigued drivers

The aforementioned risk of drowsiness is indeed one of the leading causes of accidents involving 18-wheelers. Because many truck drivers earn pay by the mile and have long designated routes to drive, they can spend hours traveling without rest. Drowsiness can be as dangerous to drivers as inebriation, and it puts every driver on the road at risk. Truckers with excessive fatigue are impaired drivers.

Alcohol or drugs

Exhaustion is not the only factor that can cause impairment amongst drivers. It is not uncommon for some truck drivers to indulge in drugs or drinking and then get behind the wheel. There are many reasons for this. The lifestyle and workload of trucking are demanding, and these substances can provide a momentary relief. Unfortunately, they also make accidents far more likely.

Traffic law violation

Too often, a simple traffic infraction such as speeding or driving recklessly causes an accident that would have otherwise been preventable. When it comes to 18-wheelers, such traffic violations can be particularly dangerous because of a semi truck’s large size. This makes it more difficult to come to a stop quickly, and a collision can easily happen as a result.

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