Arrest made after worker is struck while changing a tire

A worker for the Tennessee Department of Transportation was changing a tire out on Interstate 40. Another driver had gotten stranded with a flat, and the TDOT worker had come to help. While he was switching out the old tire for the new, he was hit by a passing car.

He did survive, but he’s been seriously injured. A spokesperson said that the recovery would be very long and that he had multiple fractures. Some have even said that it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed.

The alleged driver of the car that hit him has been arrested. Police say that he was speeding at the time of the accident and that he wasn’t using due care. They also say he did not have insurance or a driver’s license.

The spokesperson for the TDOT claimed the driver must not have been paying any attention, saying that was completely unacceptable. According to the statement, the worker had moved off of the road and was even “well off the shoulder.” He also had an arrow board in place that told passing cars to move over. Even so, the driver did not move and the worker was hit.

Two other TDOT workers were killed in 2016, in similar situations. In one of the crashes, a semi truck was passing the workers and actually swerved off the road, running into them and killing one person.

Serious injuries that stem from someone else’s negligence may be the basis for a civil lawsuit, as those who are hurt could be facing significant medical costs. As in this case, workers may also miss a lot of time at work and lose out on significant wages. When facing these costs, it’s important to know your legal options.

Source: WBRC, “TDOT worker hit while changing tire on I-40; Accused driver arrested,” Lindsay Bramson, Dec. 29, 2016

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