Texting And Driving Continues To Be A Problem On Tennessee Roads

Despite the existence of laws that ban texting and driving in Tennessee, many drivers continue to participate in this dangerous activity.

In Tennessee, according to, it is illegal for drivers to text while they’re operating a vehicle. However, many people disregard this rule and endanger the lives of others. In a recent survey, released by AT&T, 98 percent of the participants, who texted regularly and owned a cellphone, said that they knew that texting and driving was dangerous. However, of these drivers, three-quarters admitted that they had texted while their vehicle was in motion.

Why people still text and drive

There were many reasons why the drivers who participated in this survey said that they continued to text behind the wheel. These included some of the following:

  • The belief that they can successfully handle performing two activities at once behind the wheel
  • An addiction to texting and driving
  • The belief that others expect them to respond to a text message soon after they receive it
  • Concerns about missing out on important information if they do not look at their text messages as soon as possible
  • A desire to stay connected with friends, family members and co-workers

Additionally, 14 percent of the drivers said that they start to feel anxious when they don’t get to their text messages right away and 17 percent said that they feel satisfied when they receive a text message, read it and respond to it.

The dangers of texting and driving

Although there are many forms of distracted driving that can endanger the lives of others, texting and driving is one of the most dangerous. This is because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this activity combines all three types of driver distraction. These include manual, visual and cognitive distractions. Additionally, when drivers text, according to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, they become 23 times more likely to cause a motor vehicle accident than if they had remained undistracted.

Many are injured are killed every day

Since many drivers discount the hazards of texting and driving, a large number of people in Tennessee and throughout the country become seriously injured or pass away in a car accident caused by distraction on a daily basis. The CDC states that every day in the U.S., more than 1,153 people are injured and over nine people are killed in accidents involving a distracted driver.

Those who survive a distracted driving accident in Tennessee may find that their injuries prohibit them from living a normal daily life. If you were injured in a collision caused by a distracted driver, reach out to an attorney to determine what you can do to assert your rights to fair and proper compensation.

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