Logging trucks can cause catastrophic crashes

Logging trucks are a vital part of commerce in this country, but the drivers must ensure that they take steps to ensure safety as they drive. Following critical regulations is one of the only ways that these individuals can boost safety. This starts with the company that employs the truckers. In order to get a […]

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You can drive safely at night

Night driving is more dangerous than daytime driving. You have reduced visibility, driver fatigue, a higher number of drunk drivers and many other factors that play into the equation. There are some people who avoid driving at night at all costs, essentially refusing to go out after dark. If that’s your choice, fine, as your […]

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5 reasons teen drivers may ignore stop signs

If you drive regularly, you likely encounter a seemingly endless number of stop signs. While these signs usually keep drivers, pedestrians and others safe, motorists do not always respect them. In fact, AAA estimates that more than 40% of car accidents in the United States occur at intersections with stop signs.  Anyone can choose to ignore […]

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Know the signs of drunk drivers, and stay away from the vehicles

As the weather gets cooler and the winter holiday season approaches, all drivers should brush up on the signs of drunk drivers, so they can try to avoid them. These drivers put everyone around them at risk of being in an accident that causes catastrophic injuries or even death. While drunk driving might seem obvious […]

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Cause of trucker fatigue can impact semitruck crash claims

All drivers on public roads count on those around them to drive safely. One particular concern is semitruck drivers. These large and heavy vehicles can cause significant damage to smaller personal vehicles. This can lead to severe injuries to the occupants. Some challenges that truckers face can have a massive impact on their safety and […]

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The death of a loved one can be emotionally draining

A sudden death can throw you into a downward spiral if the person was close to you. Sometimes, people may cope with these events at first, but they might find that it gets more complicated as time progresses. You have to work through the feelings that come with a loss of this magnitude. One thing […]

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Texting and driving is always hazardous

Distracted driving kills people regularly. There isn’t ever a good reason for a driver to try to operate a vehicle if they can’t give their full attention to what is going on. One huge distraction for many is texting while they drive. It doesn’t matter if they are reading the message or sending one; the […]

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Tennessee bans cell phones while driving

For years now, Tennessee has had a distracted driving problem. Many motorists do not see the problem with texting or talking on the phone while operating a vehicle. It has led to numerous serious injuries over the years, but now, lawmakers have done something about it. As of July 1st of this year, drivers can no longer […]

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Whiplash isn’t a minor injury

The impact of a semitruck on a passenger vehicle can lead to some very serious injuries. People might poke fun at those who suffer from whiplash in an accident because it was once considered an almost-fake injury. Now, it is known that this is an actual medical condition that can lead to serious life impacts. […]

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