Addressing the sudden death of a loved one

The shock that you feel when you find out that a loved one passed away suddenly due to a tragic event like a car crash is hard to handle. The thing that might be even more difficult is coping with the feelings that come in the days and weeks after. Unfortunately, these feelings aren’t going […]

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Despite safety features, automotive glass can be dangerous

Car windows are made of safety glass, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t face injuries from the glass if you are involved in a crash. The force of the crash may crack the glass, especially if the wreck was serious. The windshield glass on vehicles is laminated to help prevent shattering. The side and […]

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Some assets are subject to probate while others are not

You may not have known much if anything about probate before now. However, when a family member such as a grandparent passes away, the matter of probate hits close to home. If you are among the beneficiaries, you are probably interested in knowing which of your grandparent’s assets are subject to probate and which are […]

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Trucker shortage can negatively impact road safety

Many issues can lead to tragic crashes the involve semitrucks, but many don’t realize that the shortage of truckers might be one of the most pressing that this country is facing. A driver shortage is the top concern overall in the trucking industry. This is primarily due to the fact that companies still have an […]

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Drowsy driving crashes are fully preventable

Drowsy driving is a huge issue in this country. Some people tend to try to push their body and mind to do much more than what they should. The result is that they are putting themselves and others in danger with each mile they drive. Instead of trying to drive when you are fatigued, you […]

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Getting help when a catastrophe happens on the water

Being on a boat is a fun way to spend time enjoying nature. While you certainly hope that everything will go smoothly, there are times when they might not. It is imperative that you know how to call for help if there is something amiss with the vessel. You might also need this if there […]

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Fatigued truckers can be deadly truckers

Truckers have a dangerous job, partly because they have to do long hauls that can keep them on the road for hours. Because of the nature of the job and the possibility of becoming fatigued, these professional drivers are bound by limits to the number of hours they can drive. In between driving shifts, the […]

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What are the 4 elements needed to win a car accident claim?

In Tennessee, you may want to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused your car accident if you suffered serious injuries. Catastrophic injuries or the death of a loved one are often too serious to attain recompense with an insurance claim alone. Winning a car accident lawsuit in Tennessee requires proving four main elements before a judge […]

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