Boy dies after car is hit by dump truck

A 2-year-old boy was killed when a dump truck crashed into the rear of his parents’ vehicle in Nashville. Immediately following the accident on Interstate 440, the boy was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for the treatment of critical injuries. However, he later died.

According to police, the 40-year-old man driving the dump truck was looking down when the accident occurred. It is believed that he was searching for items that were dropped onto the floor of the vehicle.

Once the man took his eyes off the road, his dump truck collided into the back of a Mercury Mariner SUV. From there, the Mariner collided with a 2006 Nissan Frontier, which then struck a 2010 Cadillac SRX.

The boy’s father was driving the SUV at the time of the accident, with his mother riding in the front passenger seat. Both parents were also transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for the treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries.

The woman driving the Frontier was transported to Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital for treatment.

At this time, the crash remains under investigation by police. From there, the case will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.

Any type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to end in disaster. When a larger vehicle strikes a smaller one, there is a greater chance of serious injury or even death.

Unfortunately, rear end collisions are difficult for the lead vehicle to prevent. Along with this, those in the car don’t often have time to brace for the accident, making an injury more likely.

Source: The Tennessean, “Lebanon boy dies after dump truck hits cars on I-440 in Nashville,” May 15, 2017

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