Cargo loading and securement can be a big liability

All truckers who have open loads must ensure that they are properly secured. While it is possible for things within an enclosed trailer to shift without any issue, things that are on an open trailer might end up falling and causing an accident if they aren’t properly secured. When those open trailers have shifting cargo, very serious accidents can occur.

There are a few things that can happen when cargo shifts. It is possible that it will lead to the trucker being unable to control the rig, which could lead to a crash. Another possibility is that the items that shift might break loose from the trailer, which could lead to them going flying. This can also lead to a crash.

The thought of shifting or unsecured cargo brings up a question about who is liable for the damages that occur in these cases. The answer isn’t always easy because there might be several people who help load and secure the cargo. Both of those jobs are equally important from a safety standpoint.

Cargo must be distributed as evenly as possible on the trailer. Once it is properly positioned, it must be secured so that it can’t move or shift. This is usually handled using heavy-duty straps and anchors in the trailer.

The question of responsibility requires a deep look into the situation. The short answer is that the trucker, the trucking company and anyone who played a role in loading and securing might all be liable. You can name multiple parties in the personal injury lawsuit and then determine what applicable points you must include in your case.

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