Catastrophic injuries in a car wreck cause lifelong impacts

Life after a serious car wreck is likely going to be very different than your life before it. This is challenging for most people because they will crave their old life. In some cases, you might be able to slowly work toward the goal of getting it back; however, life for people who suffered a catastrophic injury might not ever return to normal. We realize that this is devastating for the victims.

A catastrophic injury is one like a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. These injuries can lead to permanent effects that drastically change your life, but there isn’t anything that can get things back to how they were before. Your life might become a series of doctor visits and therapies. On top of this, you might have considerable pain.

For many people who are involved in an accident that causes catastrophic injuries, there is also emotional trauma to deal with. This can complicate the healing process because it may manifest as anxiety. You might find that getting into a vehicle to go somewhere is challenging because you are worried that you will be in another accident. While feelings like this are normal, they should fade over time. If they don’t, you might need to seek mental health help.

We realize that you have a lot going on right now as you try to adjust to the new way of life. We are here to help you pursue your legal claim. There are time limits for these cases so be sure that you are acting quickly so your opportunity doesn’t pass you by.

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