Who keeps the engagement and wedding rings after a divorce?

An expensive engagement ring generally remains with the individual who received it in exchange for accepting a marriage proposal. During the wedding, the ring’s recipient has followed through with his or her promise to get married, as explained by Forbes magazine. He or she may then keep the engagement ring after a divorce.  A wedding ring, […]

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4 types of alimony in Tennessee

Figuring out child support, child custody arrangements and dividing property seems like a never-ending headache. The divorce process takes time, money and patience.  Paying your spouse alimony brings up another cause for redoing your budget. You know what alimony means for you, but do you have a choice in how much you will have to […]

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Is your spouse hiding assets?

Divorcing couples in Tennessee already have a lot on their plate from the start of the process. The more assets there are, the harder some of these matters of divorce will be to handle. For example, did you know that some spouses attempt to hide assets to avoid having to share what they really owe? […]

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Three tips for school year child custody arrangements

With your kids going back to school, Labor Day weekend coming up and the weather getting cooler, summer is almost over. While you are anxious to get yourself and the kids back into the routine of the school year, you may have child custody issues weighing on your mind. Do not let the stress distract […]

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