Cause of trucker fatigue can impact semitruck crash claims

All drivers on public roads count on those around them to drive safely. One particular concern is semitruck drivers. These large and heavy vehicles can cause significant damage to smaller personal vehicles. This can lead to severe injuries to the occupants.

Some challenges that truckers face can have a massive impact on their safety and that of those around them. They may make errors while they drive. These can include things like failing to follow traffic laws or driving when they are too tired.

The duties of a trucker can attribute to fatigue, even when they get plenty of sleep. The work is physically demanding, but it is also mentally challenging. They have to sit still for long periods, and they might suffer from highway hypnosis.

A problem that comes into the picture here is that trucking companies often have tight deadlines to make deliveries. This puts the pressure on the drivers to traverse considerable miles per shift. The Hours of Service regulations limit how long truckers can drive per shift, as well as what rest period they must take between them.

Some external factors can also have an impact on trucker fatigue. These include things like having to drive overnight, doing nondriving work like loading the truck and driving in a rig with a hot cab. Even certain medical conditions can cause them to feel tired while driving.

The reason for the fatigue might not matter to the victims of a crash, but it can be important in a claim for compensation. Individuals who are in a vehicle struck by a big rig should seek medical care, and they can determine their next steps once that is done.

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