Experienced Civil Litigation Attorneys

We have numerous business clients in the area, and businesses know they are never immune from lawsuits and often have reason to file one themselves.

At Walden & Associates, PLLC, our civil litigation lawyers represent businesses and individuals involved in many kinds of disputes:

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All of these matters are important to businesses. If you are being sued, you know that legal action requires time and attention that you would rather spend on your business. In an economy like today’s, a single lawsuit can sometimes bankrupt a business.

That’s why we bend every effort to minimize the expense of litigation. Many problems can be resolved through simple negotiation. Others can be put to rest through mediation. That said, sometimes you have no alternative but to take the case to trial. At Walden & Associates, we will do whatever needs to be done to get you a successful result.

A Word About Representing Yourself In Court

Everyone has heard the famous quote about the self-represented man having a fool for a client. The reason everyone has heard the quote is because it has remained true for many years. Look at it this way: All of us, lawyers included, associate the term “doctor” with our Medical Doctors a/k/a M.D.s. But, you should remember that lawyers are Juris Doctors a/k/a J.D.s (we just don’t use the abbreviation at the end of our names). So, unless you would expect to perform a surgery as well as an M.D., you probably shouldn’t expect to handle a lawsuit as well as a J.D.

McMinn County Business Dispute Lawyers

We also serve businesses with contract drafting, review and formation assistance for startups.

When your business faces legal difficulties, call the Athens, Tennessee, civil litigation lawyers at Walden & Associates at 423-453-5534, or describe your situation to our attorneys in an email, and we will get back to you.

Our Commitment To Our Clients

Walden & Associates is committed to serving needs of the Athens – McMinn county area, including the neighboring counties of Monroe, Meigs, Bradley and Polk.

We strive to be as accessible, flexible, and available as our time and resources will allow.


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