Despite safety features, automotive glass can be dangerous

Car windows are made of safety glass, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t face injuries from the glass if you are involved in a crash. The force of the crash may crack the glass, especially if the wreck was serious.

The windshield glass on vehicles is laminated to help prevent shattering. The side and rear windows are made of tempered glass, which is not as durable as laminated glass. This one difference changes how they might react in a crash.

The windshield will likely stick to the vinyl inner liner so it won’t spill out into the interior of the vehicle. The side and back glass don’t stick together like this because they lack the vinyl inner lining. These pieces of glass typically shatter into very tiny pieces about the size of rock salt. It is unlikely that you will see any large, jagged pieces.

Even with these safety features, there is a chance that you will suffer an injury from broken auto glass. If you feel like something is stuck in your skin or if you have obvious cuts, you need to be careful, as these pieces of glass may contain germs and bacteria. A breach in your skin from a cut could lead to an infection, so be aware. If the area gets hot or red, begins to seep or you develop a fever, it’s time to seek medical attention.

In some cases, cuts from the glass due to the automobile accident can be disfiguring. You might also opt to seek compensation for the damages you suffered due to the crash.

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