Drunk driving crashes are traumatic for the victims

During the holidays, adults head out to parties that might include alcohol. When they do this, they must ensure that they have a suitable way home. Nobody who has had a couple of drinks or more should attempt to drive home. Drunk drivers kill far too many people in this country.

An average of 29 people dies each day due to drunk driving wrecks. That equals out to one person dying every 50 minutes, which is atrocious, especially when you realize that every one of these deaths could have been prevented if the impaired driver had simply found another way to their destination.

The legal limit for alcohol in most states is .08 percent, but there are many impacts of alcohol with lower levels. At only .02 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC), a person starts to have some loss of judgment, which can impact their ability to drive safely. Their ability to multitask and track moving objects are also impacted at this low level.

As a person drinks more, the impacts become magnified. At .05 percent, the ability to visually focus decreases, as does the ability to steer a vehicle appropriately. By .08 percent, the person is clearly unable to operate a vehicle safely.

For some victims of these crashes, serious injuries are possible. For the people who survive, healing can take a while. During this process, they are likely going to incur medical bills and might miss out on work. This can make it financially difficult for them to move on with life. They might decide to seek compensation from the drunk driver to help reduce that monetary impact.

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