Estate administration is a very demanding job

When a loved one passes away, you might be the one who is going to handle the estate of that person. If this is the case, you must ensure that you are going to do what the decedent would have wanted. You must also ensure that you are handling things in accordance with the law. This isn’t always easy, but you can get it done as long as you understand your duties. We are here to help you with this so that you can ensure you are complying with complex laws.

There are many duties that you will have if you are the administrator of the estate. For starters, you have to find the assets that have to be distributed. You also have to find the heirs. There is a chance that creditors might make a claim on the estate, but they can only touch specific assets. These claims have to be handled in a specific order. Filing the taxes for the estate is another duty that you have to handle.

We realize that this might seem like a lot of work to handle at a time when you might be emotionally spent because of the death. We are here to work with you on the legal aspects of the matters at hand so that you can continue to focus on working through the emotions that you feel because of the death.

Unfortunately, there are times when people might file a dispute of the estate plan. When this happens, you have to be prepared to handle this in case it does happen.

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