Fatigue isn’t a normal part of trucking

Fatigue isn’t good for any driver, but it is especially dangerous for those who are operating a semitruck. It isn’t always easy to know when fatigue is a factor but looking at the circumstances surrounding the accident and the events leading up to it might help to highlight what was wrong.

When you think about the size and weight of semitrucks and the speed at which they travel, you can understand that it is a huge hazard when the trucker isn’t as alert as possible. There are several things that might lead to the person being fatigued.

Truckers have a limit to how many hours they can drive. This is determined by how many hours they work before they get on the road, as well as how long they are on the road. The goal of this is to ensure that they are able to get the rest they need so they aren’t driving fatigued.

Some normal factors of the job can have an impact on their ability to remain alert. This includes being on a tight schedule, driving on roads that are too familiar, having an early start to their haul or driving at night. It can also be because the driving conditions are poor due to the cab being stuffy or hot, driving in rain or having monotonous views on the drive.

Even certain medical conditions can lead to problems. These include things like sleep apnea since it is hard to get quality rest with the condition. Being obese or having diabetes can also cause problems. Some medications can cause fatigue and similar symptoms.

These factors can come into the picture if you choose to seek compensation after you are struck by a semitruck. Your case may be complex, but showing what happened can help.

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