How Your Property Will Be Divided In Divorce

You spent years or decades building a life with another person, sharing money, property — and even debt. When you decide to part ways with that person, you need a strategy for how you will divide the assets you’ve built together.

At Walden & Associates, PLLC, we understand both the legal and emotional complexities of this process. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of how property division is handled in Tennessee and extensive experience representing individuals throughout the state during this process. Our team will provide a customized plan for the division that will meet the requirements of the court and provide you a financially sound starting point for the next chapter of your life.

How Your Property Will Be Divided During Divorce: The Basics

By law, all marital assets — and debt — the couple has acquired during the marriage must be split equitably between the two during divorce. This doesn’t necessarily mean 50-50. Our attorneys will take a close look at your financial situation, making an index of all marital property, including:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investment portfolios
  • Real estate and the family home
  • Businesses
  • Cars and other real property

We work with financial professionals to accurately value these assets to determine how much each one is worth. Our team also conducts an investigation to make sure your spouse isn’t hiding any assets or accounts that should be included in the division.

Our experienced lawyers will put together a proposal for the court to divide the property. After decades of representing clients in these matters, we know innovative and creative approaches to property division that protect our clients’ best interests.

If you are facing a property division, trust your financial future to a firm that has the experience and deep understanding you need for the best outcome possible. Call our law firm today for a consultation.

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