Many were worried about Tennessee school bus driver before crash

A school bus accident in Tennessee tragically made the news all over the country when six children were killed in a deadly rollover accident. A total of 37 kids from Woodmore Elementary School were on the bus as it went down a curvy road. Pictures from the crash site show that it flipped up on its side, wedged against a tree and nearly torn in half.

Now, reports are coming out that many people had previously complained about the driver’s habits behind the wheel. This included school officials, parents and the kids on the bus.

Students said that the bus driver needed to slow down, saying that the excess speed would throw kids out of their seats and make people hit their heads. One student said it felt like the bus was about to flip — a terrible indicator of what was to come. Another student said that they needed seat belts on the bus because the driving was so poor.

In fact, things got so bad that six children went to school officials on the Nov. 16 and said the driver was intentionally attempting to make them fall down. Others complained that he swore at them on the bus. Even the principal saw the driver pull away from the school and said he was going much too fast.

Reports note that the driver had another job working for Amazon. This raises the question of whether or not he was too tired to drive on the day of the accident.

Parents who have lost children are facing one of the hardest emotional times of their lives. While compensation does not take this away, it is important for them to know what rights they may have to seek such compensation if children were put in harm’s way intentionally or through negligence.

Source: CBS News, “Children, parents had complained about Tenn. bus driver ahead of deadly crash,” Nov. 25, 2016

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