Motorists must be vigilant about watching for bicyclists

In July of 2017, a man struck a bicyclist and ran from the scene. This happened on the Natchez Trace Parkway in an area where bicyclists can ride in vehicle lanes. The man admitted to the hit-and-run crash.

He pleaded guilty to three charges and was free until his upcoming sentencing hearing in August. That changed, however, since he admitted to drinking a half-pint of vodka each day for two weeks. The judge presiding over the case ordered him to go to rehab after the man’s probation officer noted that the alcohol consumption was a violation of his release terms.

When he goes to court in August, he is expected to receive 10 months in federal prison if convicted. This doesn’t do much to help the victim he struck or the friend who was with him.

The man who was with the victim at the time of the crash said he believes the accident was intentional, according to Patch. Whether intentional or unintentional, coming to terms with the implications has to be difficult. Bicyclists don’t have any external protection from vehicles weighing several thousand pounds that are coming at them at high rates of speed.

All drivers have to watch for bicyclists on the road. Giving them the right of way they are due and keeping a safe distance can help them feel safer and finish their rides without any issues. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t follow the laws or use common sense. This can lead to bad situations for the injured bicyclists who may take months to recuperate from the serious injuries that they suffer.

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