Not everyone has a will in Tennessee

As one of our Tennessee readers, there’s a good chance you understand the importance of creating a will. With this, you know that your assets will end up in the right place upon your death.

Unfortunately, some people never get around to creating a will. When this happens, it leaves the person’s loved ones, such as their family, in a difficult spot.

There is no law in place stating that every Tennessee resident has to create a will. For this reason, there will always be people who neglect to do so.

Fortunately, when a resident dies without a Last Will and Testament, there are laws that kick in, which can be found in Tennessee Code, Title 31, Descent and Distribution, Chapter 2. In short, this outlines who will inherit the person’s estate.

Take for instance a situation in which a person is survived by a spouse or child. In this case, if there is both a spouse and children, all of these people are entitled to receive part of the estate.

In the event that there are no children, just a spouse, all of the estate goes to the spouse.

If a deceased person is not survived by a spouse or children, the law says that the estate goes to the person’s parents, brothers, or sisters.

If you find yourself dealing with this situation, such as a parent who has passed away without a will, it’s time to learn more about the laws in Tennessee that will dictate how the estate administration process will unfold.

At our law firm, we have many years of experience assisting people in this position.

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