Assistance Navigating Probate

Probate is a court-supervised process that is used to wind up the affairs of a deceased person and distribute their assets to the people entitled to receive them. There are instances where probate may not be necessary, or where a limited probate may meet the needs of the estate. Regardless of the situation, you really need an experienced probate lawyer to take charge of the process, handle the legal and financial chores that arise, and ensure that the distribution occurs lawfully and fairly.

Fair-Minded Athens, Tennessee, Probate Lawyers

The firm of Walden & Associates, PLLC, is experienced and steady through this often turbulent period. We do probate work in situations where the deceased left a will and where there is no will. We are experienced in the full range of probate tasks and issues, including submitting the will to court, arranging the appointment of an executor, administrator or personal representative, identifying and securing assets and eventually closing out the estate.

Whether the estate in question is large or small, Evan Walden and Russ work with executors, administrators, personal representatives, creditors, heirs, and beneficiaries throughout the probate process.

We understand that probate can be a tense time for many families. An important part of our service is seeing to it that the process proceeds smoothly and without error.

McMinn County Estate Dispute And Will Contest Lawyers

We also represent heirs and family members when a dispute arises over the will or the intent of the decedent. Besides will disputes, we take part in cases in which breach of fiduciary duty has been alleged, as well as cases alleging incapacity, when there is a question of the decedent’s competence at the time the will was made.

Keep the probate process orderly, professional and low key. Call the Athens, Tennessee, personal injury lawyers at Walden & Associates at 423-453-5534, or describe your situation in an email, and our attorneys will get back to you.

Our Commitment To Our Clients

Walden & Associates is committed to serving needs of the Athens – McMinn county area, including the neighboring counties of Monroe, Meigs, Bradley and Polk.

We strive to be as accessible, flexible, and available as our time and resources will allow.


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