Questions exist regarding liability and autonomous semitrucks

The trucking industry is slowly moving toward having autonomous fleets, at least in part. There are many concerns, including the loss of human trucking jobs. this is certainly probable if autonomous vehicles are increasingly used, but this is far from the only concern.

While some individuals claim that autonomous vehicles are safer, you have to wonder if this is really the case. Look at some of the accidents that have happened with other autonomous cars and trucks. Earlier this year, a pedestrian was killed by an autonomous car when she was walking her bicycle across a street. The maker of that car was Volvo.

Recently, Volvo announced that the Vera, an autonomous semitruck, will be released onto the market. This brings up the question of liability if something should happen like it did with the manufacturer’s previous car. One thing that this semitruck has that some other don’t is room for a driver. This could answer the question of liability if there is a driver in the vehicle.

Still, the role that autonomous vehicles will play in commerce is still so new that precedents haven’t been established yet. For people who suffer injuries when these vehicles crash and the family members of those who pass away, there are some unknowns.

Seeking compensation is possible but as time progresses, you might see some shifts in how these cases are handled. One suggestion is that liability will eventually shift to the manufacturers of the autonomous vehicles or the producers of the software if the vehicle is to blame for the crash. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the future.

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