Teen drivers and summertime driving

When school lets out for the summer, it means one thing: More and more teen drivers will be hitting the road.

According to data compiled by AAA, the number of fatal teen car accidents increases by 15 percent during the summer months. In fact, the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is referred to as “the 100 deadliest days of summer.”

There are many reasons why teen car accidents rise during this time of the year, including the sheer number of drivers on the road. Along with this, parents often “let up” a bit during the summer, knowing that their child is no longer in school.

There are many factors that contribute to on the road fatalities, with these being among the most common:

— Speeding

— Neglecting to use a seat belt

— Distracted driving

Distracted driving remains a major problem, with cellphones a top distraction. However, there are many other types of distractions that can cause trouble, such as: eating, drinking, speaking with other passengers and smoking.

Teenage drivers, along with all other motorists, should do the following:

— Buckle your seat belt before hitting the road

— Turn off your phone before putting the car in drive

— Leave all distractions in the trunk

If you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident this summer, it’s important to receive immediate medical attention. From there, learn more about the cause of the accident and who was responsible. This will help you better understand your legal rights, such as if you can seek compensation.

Source: WBIR, “‘100 deadly days of summer’: Fatal teen crashes rise by 15%,” Leslie Ackerson, June 02, 2017

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