Texting and driving is always hazardous

Distracted driving kills people regularly. There isn’t ever a good reason for a driver to try to operate a vehicle if they can’t give their full attention to what is going on. One huge distraction for many is texting while they drive. It doesn’t matter if they are reading the message or sending one; the danger is the same.

A person who is texting has several systems that aren’t ready for driving. They must look at the phone, so they aren’t looking at the road. They have to think about what the text says and how to respond, so their mind isn’t on the road. They need to hold the phone, so they have at least one hand off the wheel.

Each year, texting while driving kills over 3,000 teens. Around 40% of teens report being in a vehicle while a driver is dangerously using a cellphone. However, teens aren’t the only ones who are guilty of using a phone while driving. Around 48% of young drivers note that they have seen their parents drive and text.

People who think that texting and driving isn’t hazardous are sadly mistaken. It can delay the reaction time of the driver in the same manner as being legally intoxicated.

Females are more likely to text while driving than men, and truckers are 23 times more likely to have an accident while texting. Still, everyone should be careful when they are behind the wheel and avoid anything distracting.

People who suffer injuries in an accident related to texting might opt to seek compensation. This can help them to pay for medical bills and other damages caused by impacts of the preventable wreck.

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