The biggest danger of being a motorcyclist

If you are a motorcyclist, you know the pleasures of the open road. In fact, that freedom could be the top reason you joined the club of fellow bikers.

However, it also opens you up to being at the mercy of others. In fact, many motorcyclists cite other drivers on the road as the biggest danger facing them.

Gear goes only so far

Helmets, training programs, reflective gear and the like only go so far when it comes to keeping motorcyclists safe. They simply do not stand up all too well to a car or to an even heavier truck. Of course, motorcyclists should still use them; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that motorcycle helmets in the United States saved about 1,630 lives in one year alone.

In a nutshell, a motorcyclist involved in a wreck with a car probably would not fare as well as if he or she were in a car instead.

Motorcyclists can be difficult to see

Motorcycles are small, and car drivers seem to have more distractions than ever. Some text behind the wheel. Some are too sleepy to drive. Some have had alcohol. Any of these occurrences make motorcycles even harder to see. And even if a driver knows a motorcyclist is around, common sense does not always kick in. Many times, accidents occur because drivers did not signal when making a turn.

Drivers may have limited awareness

A third problem that leaves motorcycle riders in danger is the limited awareness and respect some drivers afford them. The roads are not just for cars; for instance, commuters in autos must share them with tractor-trailers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and even pedestrians. Despite this, cars are prevalent, and it is common for drivers to have a “me first” mentality. Thus, some see motorcyclists as an annoyance rather than as someone who has every right to be on the road.

If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident, the law restricts the time frame in which you can seek legal compensation. Getting in touch with an attorney as quickly as possible safeguards your options.

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