The biggest insurance claim mistakes you need to avoid

Being part of a motor vehicle accident is sure to leave your head spinning. Even if you don’t suffer any serious injuries, you’ll still find yourself dealing with the aftermath of the crash, which typically means communicating with one or more insurance companies.

Unfortunately, many people in this position make an insurance claim mistake that comes back to haunt them in the end. Here are a few errors you need to avoid:

  • Don’t do anything until you understand your coverage and what to expect from your insurance company
  • Never give a written or recorded statement unless you are 100 percent confident in what you are saying
  • Don’t accept the first estimate of your losses, as it’s not out of the question that your insurance company is throwing you a low-ball offer
  • Don’t sign anything until you know what it is and how it will impact your situation moving forward
  • Never accept a check that is marked as final payment, unless you are ready to take it as your final payment
  • Don’t stretch the truth at any time
  • Don’t let your insurance company off the hook, as you pay for coverage and you should get what you deserve

These are the types of insurance claim mistakes that can cause you additional stress, which isn’t something you need at this point in your life.

By avoiding these mistakes and focusing on your legal rights, it’s much easier to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other damages. There’s never a good time to let your insurance company walk all over you.

Source: FindLaw, “Car Insurance Claims: Dos and Don’ts,” accessed Jan. 10, 2018

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