Tips for driving during the winter months

The winter months are here, which means there is a risk of snow and ice blanketing many parts of Tennessee. Because many drivers aren’t accustomed to driving in these conditions, it is imperative for everyone to take steps to ensure they can remain as safe as possible while they are on the roads. Here are some tips to help you:

Don’t wait until the last minute to leave home. Being able to take your time can go a long way toward being able to help you remain safe this winter. Since you won’t be rushing about, you can pay close attention to what is going on around you.

Always be fully prepared to drive. You can’t drive if you are too tired, distracted or drunk. If any of those apply to you, find another way to get to where you are going or rectify the problem before you get behind the wheel.

Remember to pack an emergency kit in your vehicle. Having basics like flares or reflective triangles, kitty litter or sand, a shovel and blankets can help ensure you are safe if you are stranded. Just remember that if you are in an accident or if your vehicle stalls, you should remain in it if it is safe to do so. Your car provides a layer of protection between you and other vehicles.

There is a chance that other drivers might not be as safe as you. If you are out and get struck by another driver, contact emergency services and get medical attention. Ensure you are protecting your right to seek compensation if the other driver is at fault.

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