What to say after a car accident

One of the most annoying aspects of car accidents is road closures. Take a recent case where multiple collisions resulted in the momentary closure of I-65 South.

After an auto accident, there is a lot you need to take care of. You need the police to come out to file an official report, and you need to inform your auto insurance agency of the collision so you can begin the claims process. The things you say in the immediate aftermath can greatly impact the overall success of your case.

What to say to the other person

First, you want to check on the other driver and ask, “Are you okay?” You may feel angry, especially if it was clearly the other person’s fault, but you do not want to lose your cool. Call an ambulance if anyone sustained serious injuries. You also want to exchange insurance information. Apart from that, you do not have to have a full conversation with this person. 

What to say to the police officer

Most of the time, cops interview the person they believe to be at fault first. During this time, avoid eavesdropping or correcting certain details. You can save that information for later. When the officer interviews you, you need to remain open and honest but do not admit fault. At the end of the interview, you can ask the officer to read back your statement so you know everything on the record. 

What to say to your insurance adjuster

You will also need to contact your auto insurance provider, and you simply want to state the facts during this talk. Tell the agent an accident occurred, and say when and where it happened. Do not get into the details of your injuries, especially if you have not seen a doctor yet. If you say you feel all right, then your insurance company can use that statement to not pay you as much. Never speculate or guess.

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