Where should you turn for compensation after a semi-truck wreck?

Most victims won’t ever forget the shock of being struck by a semi-truck. It can be difficult to think about what happened. A wreck of this magnitude is likely going to mean that you need to seek medical care for the injuries you suffer. Unfortunately, most people aren’t prepared to handle the financial impact of something like this happening.

When you are trying to recover from the injuries, you might not be able to go to work. All of a sudden, you have more bills than you planned for at a time when you have less income than usual. This, as well as a desire to hold someone accountable for the crash, might lead you to want to seek compensation. But, where you do you turn for that compensation?

The answer to this isn’t always so easy. We can look at the circumstances of the crash to help you determine who should be named as defendants in your case. This can vary greatly, but we have to look at all possibilities. A few are the trucking company, the trucker and the insurer. All three of these parties might be named or there might only be one named.

As we are looking into your case, we will also review the various types of damages that you might claim. This can also vary. Some of the more common ones include pain and suffering, medical care for current and future bills and income you weren’t able to earn while you had to take off work. There might also be others possible, so we need to evaluate the entire case to ensure we get them all.

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