An Estate Plan For Your Future

People think you have to be rich to need a will. The truth is, just about everyone needs a will, because without one, you can’t control where your property goes after your death. With a clearly crafted will, your loved ones will understand your intentions. Without a will, your wishes may not be carried out.

Assisting Clients With Critical Estate Planning Issues

At Walden & Associates, PLLC, we assist individuals with wills and every other critical life document you should have on file:

  • A living will, explaining your wishes in the event you are unable to make life decisions
  • Power of attorney documents, empowering a family member or trusted friend to handle your finances and medical decisions in the event you are unable to take care of things yourself
  • A testamentary trust, a safeguard written into your will to help protect assets that you leave for a minor or other person who needs assistance managing the assets

There are many other kinds of trusts that may be of benefit to you. Our lawyers will be happy to discuss the many choices you have in trusts, depending on your needs.

McMinn County Estate Planning And Elder Care Lawyers

In addition, we are happy to discuss other needs, including estate planning, conservatorships, guardianships, planning for long-term care, maintaining Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and the importance of asset preservation — how to keep your assets in the event you wind up in a nursing home.

Family members may also be interested in our probate administration services, described on this page.

Call the Athens, Tennessee, wills and trusts lawyers at Walden & Associates at 423-453-5534, or describe your challenge in an email and we will get back to you.

Our Commitment To Our Clients

Walden & Associates is committed to serving needs of the Athens – McMinn county area, including the neighboring counties of Monroe, Meigs, Bradley and Polk.

We strive to be as accessible, flexible, and available as our time and resources will allow.


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